Bridal Cave

Three weeks ago, I took my dad and wife to a show cave in the Lake of the Ozarks area. Bridal Cave, a popular destination for tourists to stop at year round, or to get married in a cavern, is a cave I had not been to in over 10 years. Probably over 25 years for my dad since his last visit, and my wife had never been. It was a nice Sunday afternoon, and thought this would be the perfect place to go. No regrets. The cave was just as stunning as I had remembered it being from my last visit.

Bridal Cave


As one of the most scenic caves in Missouri, let alone the United States, Bridal Cave has been the go to place for over 2000 couples to married in over the years, as well as a educational destination for thousands of school children for its Discovery Tour.

With the tour lasting an hour, plus tour guides who are well informed and entertaining to boot, I highly recommend a stop at this Central Missouri show cave if you are ever in the Camdenton, Missouri area.



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